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A Note from Our Pastor

Ed Cooper

In St. Mark's and the Social Gospel, Ellen Blue captures this pastor's heart and the heart of St. Mark's when she writes--"We are trying to preach the gospel by both word and deed, believing that the latter is as effective as the former." Blue continues with her prophetic summation--"One hundred years later, the proclamation of a saving gospel and the attempt to meet the whole spectrum of human needs remained the methods of choice for the action in the congregation ...On North Rampart Street, the Kingdom of God is as close to hand as it has ever been and as far away." 

Serving as St. Mark's pastor affords me the opportunity to join this community of faith as we commit ourselves to living out, "...God's Kingdom come, God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Not only is St. Mark's committed to bringing the Kingdom close to those who "live with their backs against the wall," but she zealously expresses Kingdom love in the embracing, accepting, and loving of ALL!


As pastor of this incredible church, it fills my heart beyond joy to invite you to join us at St. Mark's - where Y'ALL means ALL! 

Lay Leader

Reita Lawrence

"There are things that are uniquely St. Mark's. People from all walks of life worshipping together is what I imagine the Kingdom of God looking like!"

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Karl Harrod

Worship Leader

Karl has invested his life in teaching music, theater, and leading worship in multiple churches throughout NOLA. Much of his time is also spent in directing musicals in community theaters in New Orleans.

Congregational Care Director

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Ministers of Hospitality

Abby Viel & Johnny Lee Hayes

Abby & Johnny manifest the love, acceptance, and embrace for which St. Mark's is known. Upon one's arrival for worship, these two beloved Ministers of Hospitality are usually the first to welcome our guests as well as those who call St. Mark's home. We must add a heartbreaking note to this. We celebrated Abby's life November 29, 2022, following a lengthy battle with cancer. Her spirit lives among us, therefore, her picture remains for all to see her beautiful smile.


Director of Operations

Michael Martin

Michael Martin is a musician by trade but has great experience as an administrative assistant. Whatever needs you may have concerning the facilities, ministries, or happenings, he will be able to help. He is so excited to serve this beautiful church and its people!

The needs within a congregation are as diverse and unique as the congregation. Brett brings an attentive and compassionate spirit to our congregation and her needs. 

Brett Buck